okuma nomad travel rod review
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Okuma Nomad Travel Rod Review

Okuma Nomad Travel Rod Review

I hope you are looking the best quality and latest design fishing rod. So you are in exactly right place because we are going to face you with our Okuma Nomad Travel Rod Review. Without any confusion our present product model will be your favorite fishing rod on your life.

You will realize its useful features during the start of first boating step on the day of your dream fishing trip. It will be very easy to use for its digitalized design and unique features will get you the first look at the lodge gear. This okuma nomad fishing rod is very suitable for super easy travel.

It was built with the modern tecnique for anglers who want to strongly match their entire fishing experience with the quality of their destination by choosing the better quality fishing rod. You will get two tip sections on each NT-S703M-MH, one lighter and another one is heavier. These two features surely increase the versatility and flexibility.

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This is one kinds of guaranteed durability travel fishing rod for its superior components and durable materials. This model from Okuma Nomad is highly waterproof structure, Longer lasting durability, Easy to use in luggage and some external property attract the fisher man.

When you go on an external fishing trip, you no longer depend on the fishing gear you have on hand. With this Okuma Nomad fishing Rod series, you can easily and quickly pack your own rods as soon as you embark on a fishing campaign.

Originally two powerful rods in one, each travel rod from nomad company comes with two unique sections that individually provide separate action, but with the help of European Spigot Ferrell connection points, the travel rods have got 100% unique looking and great activity.

Nomad Travel Rods Features:

  • For Easy Travel it has 3-Section Break Down System
  • It has Two (2) Separate Tip Actions each Rod
  • This Nomad Fishing Rod has got the European Spigot Ferrule Connection
  • Made with High-quality Stainless Steel With Zirconium Guide
  • This model has the pure Aluminum Reel Seat with ALPS Two Tone Anodized Triangular design
  • It has got attractive shape with ALPS Anodized Aluminum Gimbals and Protective Butt Cap
  • It has bold Water Resistant Zippered Travel Bag


  • The travel rod has made with 3-Section break down System
  • It is Very easy to travel
  • Each rod has two tips with multiple actions
  • For easy maintenance you will get the Alps 316 SS guide frames with Zirconium.
  • This fishing rod is cheap compared to others.


Price up to $100

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Okuma Nomad Travel Surf Rod Review

If you want a memorable fishing day then this okuma nomad travel surf rod will be your final choice. The NTS-S-1004H model of Okuma has got new look of international fishing unit. Reviewing the whole faded surface, the rigid handle, pitted guide, stainless steel rod powerfully help you to catch any size of fish.


This model from Okuma Nomad has become golden features with finally 10 inches Length, heavy duty power, fast & medium taper and included 4 Piece long lasting durable Rod. There are included lighter and heavier named two tip sections to increase flexibility for keeping on your luggage during travel like the previous model.

To establish the top rock-solid durability it has gathered the superior components. This latest design travel surf rod is highly secured in custom padded and highly waterproof case. You can easily travel it in your luggage bins by reducing the inconvenience and cost of long rod tubes.

Another great feature is OC-9 technology. This advance technology of robust graphite rod with pure carbon outer wrap ensures the product quality and longibility. To reduce the wind konts with braided line it has inserts Fuji concept guide frame and Fuji alconite guide.

Rear grip and fore grips certify the supreme durability, so it is super compatible for super fishing. The included total four pcs external structure may help you for easy transportation. Its protective solid PVC tube is attached for maximum protection on surf rods.


  • It is high durable surf travel rod
  • Manufacture with Oc-9 technology
  • Graphite rod with hard carbon coating
  • Include Fuji k-concept guide frames
  • Insert Fuji aconite guide
  • Very compatible for dream fishing
  • Easy for traveling
  • Very simple to fold for keeping in bags


  • The weight is 3 Pounds and not suitable for baby use

Okuma nomad inshore travel rod review

Just having an expensive rod means that being too advanced may not always be right. Because today’s models are more sensitive, capable of detecting small bites and are usually more robustly active than parts of their much larger fissure rods.

And after interviewing experts from several countries around the world. After spending a long time testing several types of spinning rods and reels, we have determined that Okoma Nomad is truly the best.


Based on the success of okuma nomad inshore travel rod, offers a short selection of surrounding destination rods with universal utilities.

It is built with genuine European spigot ferrule connections by total three piece designs gives the effective performance of only one piece rod and can easily travel inside the waterproof case.

It has included the durable lighter and heavier on the tip sections which are the extra feature of this fishing rod, to increase the versatility during keeping on travel bag or case.

It has attached rod tube to play an important role in maintaining the growing difficulty and expenses during travel. And without a doubt this rod will be the best solution for your fishing trip.

This inshore travel rod has made with durable graphite to ensure its durability. It has given matching of blue/black color to attract the fisher eyes.


  • This fishing rod ensure long lasting
  • Made with durable pure graphite
  • Eye catching color with matching with blue and black
  • Very easy to fold and unfold
  • Very simple task you should do during fishing trip
  • Low price compared to other similar products
  • Best model for traveling
  • European spigot ferrule
  • This travel rod has includes two tip section


  • It is not suitable for baby and children


We hope our review may help you to choose the best model for your enjoyable fishing trip. Without any doubt all above three fishing rods are 100% profitable fishing rod. You can easily travel our all item of above list. So make a successful fishing trip by taking our any one item. Best of Luck……!

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