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Best Saltwater Spinning Reels

Best Saltwater Spinning Reels


Choosing the best saltwater spinning reels is really difficult if you have no previous experience on it. We are going to face you with the most powerful hunter tool for fishing that can effectively help you in your saltwater fishing journey.

For this purpose, top manufacturers are combining designs and technology to produce fishing reels that are smoother, more powerful, and more durable.

So, one of the leading companies, PENN has introduced three most amazing spinning fishing reels namely Penn Slammer III and Penn Battle II & III. Moreover, these great spinning reels are available at prices that add to the excellent value for the money.

Penn Slammer III Spinning Fishing Reel

The Penn Slammer III is Penn’s third-generation reel and it is so far the best saltwater casting that every fisherman runs after. Since its introduction in 2016, it has been showing wonderful performance specifically in hunting fishes in saltwater. It is an awesome  addition to Penn’s reel line as surf casters cannot resist buying such an enormous hunting tool.

Actually, in this Slammer, Penn has revamped the old one and glamorized it. Moreover, it is capable of smooth drag and its large handle makes reeling easy for both amateur and experienced anglers.


Its size starts from 3500 and reaches to 10, 500. So, in total it has 8 different SKUs. In this case, it has a great similarity with SpinFisher V. To talk about its main feature, it has a full metal body inside the plate. Just like the Spinfisher, it has a full metal rotor of all sizes. As it has tons to drag so more metal has made the rotor inflexing.

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Buying Guide

Build quality

Salt water coils are subject to high stress. Salt water is highly corrosive, abrasive and harmful to the metal, plastics and composite materials used in the construction of the spinning rod. That is, fast swimming and hard fishing. The ocean is in constant motion and the water has waves.

The reel will be greeted by rocks, sand, algae, plankton and blows in a kayak or boat. This is why build quality is very important for salt water use.

Best saltwater conventional reels are built using tough and corrosion resistant materials. Which can withstand the harsh ocean in a fishing environment. Here’s what to look for. Provide yourself with a quality coil, eventually, it will serve you for a long time.

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Quality materials.

Provide coil body and parts crafted using strong, sturdy and corrosion resistant materials.

Such as: heavy-duty aluminum, graphite, titanium, of stainless steel, ceramic and carbon fiber.

High weight is provided from brushed aluminum. Which can last for years using salt water.

Graphite is lightweight yet strong and does not bend easily, extreme pressures. These materials make for a drum that is strong enough to handle heavy loads making best saltwater conventional reels.

Corrosion Resistant.

Best conventional surf casting reel must be highly corrosion resistant. It is necessary to look for metals with protective functions. Such as aluminum and graphite, titanium or high-quality bearings, stainless steel and carbon fiber.

For internal components, ensure that they are protected against corrosion and the abrasion of seawater. Look for quality seals, gaskets, shielded structures, and protective coatings that block salt water and sand from entering and damaging internal parts such as bearings, gears and brakes.

Non-sealed salt water coils will require manual cleaning and care. So that it can be easily disassembled and put back for easy cleaning after exposure to salt water.

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You will be targeting the best saltwater conventional reels for one type of fishing or another. You will make the most suitable coil for you. For example, fishing on a dock. Calls, strong reel, with very high line capacity. Perch loves to hang out in tight spots and you will need a drum. You will need to throw with precision and be able to perform difficult maneuvers. Perch require a drum that provides enough starting power to fight them.

Trout are found in different places, like deep down or below the rapids. You need a versatile reel that can access these fish.

Crappies have a sensitive bite and soft lips. Snare drum with the ability to quickly get and maintain a taut line. Unless you go for a specific fish, or are not sure who you will fish. Make sure you get a high-performance line on the reel to handle a variety of fish species.

Medium line power is usually indicated on the reel. Capacity 255/14 indicates the length of the line and the weight the bobbin can handle.

Your reel must hold at least the 10 kg you intend to use. The more fish you catch, the more necessary. The small size is sufficient for fresh water.

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The power of the best saltwater conventional reels is determined by its strength in relation to. Metal gears are best able to withstand high pressure loads for saltwater fishing. The gear ratio of the reel depends on how many times the spool turns with each turn of the handle. A low gear ratio will make it easier to turn, but will require more turns to get the same amount.

Like a coil with a higher ratio. The gear ratio determines how easily the reel will fish out of the water. High gear ratios such as 6: 1 retrieve faster and are ideal for fast travel. Retrieve small fish and pull long line while trolling. Low gear ratio, for example 4: 1 gets more slowly.

Offers more power and leverage when pulling large fish out of deep water. It is also ideal for jigging or live padding. A high gear ratio in a reel is always a great opportunity. If you are unsure, choose a middle ground in a 5: 1 ratio.


Best saltwater conventional reels has stainless steel ball bearings or ceramic balls that help reduce friction in moving parts. The number of ball bearings will determine how smooth the rotation is in the drum. If the coil has enough bearings, it will run smoothly. The return will go smoothly and less energy will be needed. The better the bearing, the smoother the drum works, the higher the price tag. The drums with the lower count bearing have a price advantage.

But not so smoothly to reel, on a big fish, experience will twitch. For smooth action, especially if you want big fish, buy a reel that has the tallest ball bearing. You need to calculate within your budget.

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Deformation of knots

Big, strong, hard fights and fast swimming fish will put a lot of stress on the gears. The resistance system on the coil must withstand some deformation or the rod will break. The best marine spinning reels have a powerful drag system. Capable of fighting large marine species, including large commercial fish like tuna and marlin. Saltwater fishing experts agree that most adults can handle between 15 and 55 kg. This is enough to pull out all but the largest ocean dwellers.

Too much drag and the coil may break or your hands will fail anyway. There is too little resistance, and it will be difficult to catch your catch. A rack mounted drag system is considered to be of higher quality and offer the durability required when stewing large fish.


A quality saltwater conventional reels stays in place for smooth retrieval. It should move tightly in the opposite direction without blocking. Other factors that affect expectations are gear and bearing ratio.

A high gear ratio such as 6: 1 allows for faster line retrieval and is ideal for fast moving bait, small fish, plugs or spinners, and for drawing long lines when trolling. A low gear ratio such as 4: 1 recover more slowly but provides more power and leverage when pulling large fish out of deep water. The higher the number of bearings, the smoother the search.

Drums with fewer bearings are not as smooth and the wobbling will be hard on large fish.

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Saltwater reels are made lighter than standard reels. Salt water has a higher density and requires a lightweight drum for quick retrieval and smooth return. Since seawater spinning reels are lighter, they are also more accurate, making it easier to cast accurately over long distances. Another advantage of lightweight reels is simplicity and ease of use. The spinning reel is manually operated and there will be times when the sequence of throwing and retrieving will last for hours. It will be much easier with a lighter coil. Heavier reels are heavy on your joints, hands and can be difficult to fish with.

It is best to go for a light reel, but also make sure it is sturdy and durable. This can be difficult to balance. Graphite construction is lighter, but aluminum is stronger and more durable. Some of the best saltwater fishing reels listed above use both materials to achieve a good balance between comfortable weight and durability.


There are various types of materials used in the construction of the coil body. Heavy duty aluminum is the most common body material. It is strong, durable and corrosion resistant. It is capable of handling large fish and harsh marine environment. It is also light in weight. Graphite is very lightweight. However, it can be brittle and not as strong as aluminum. The graphite body design is best suited for fishing small to medium sized fish. Heavy-duty plastic is also used in the manufacture of coils. But plastic is weak and prone to breakage, bending, and shattering. This makes it unsuitable for intensive use in saltwater fishing.

In summary, the conditions of sea fishing, in contrast to fishing in freshwater bodies, are more aggressive. Salty sea water has a destructive effect on the tackle, and the resistance of a strong sea predator during the game puts a heavy load on the reel and rod. Therefore, all sea fishing reels are distinguished by high strength of materials, high power of the mechanism and a spacious drum for fishing line or sea line. And also necessarily covered with a special protective layer against the aggressive effects of salty sea water.

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